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Cross-Cut® Airless Spray Gun Nozzles


Cross-Cut nozzles produce greater atomising energy at a given fluid pressure, compared to conventional airless spray nozzles.



Excellent atomisation is achieved at reduced fluid pressure, resulting in a softer, low-velocity spray that helps minimise dripping, material waste and equipment wear for maximum coating efficiency and material utilisation.

  • Nordson Cross-Cut nozzles produce significantly wider fan patterns (up to 28 inches) than conventional airless nozzles
  • Cross-Cut nozzle design is inherently less prone to plugging
  • Cross-Cut nozzles atomise materials at lower pressures which produces a softer, more controllable spray with minimal overspray and bounceback
  • When Cross-Cut nozzles begin to wear, both flow rate and fan pattern width increase together and film thickness remains nearly constant
  • Finer atomisation provides a higher quality airless finish than is possible with standard nozzles
  • Softer spray pattern substantially improves airless electrostatic efficiency and wrap
  • Cross-Cut nozzles require no additional regulators to adjust