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64B Pump


The Nordson® Model 64B pump is a positive-displacement, demand-type pump designed to operate multiple guns at mid-range volume or a single gun in high-volume applications of high viscosity materials.



Lower cycle rates of the 64B pump can easily accommodate abrasive coatings.

The pumps can be used with a variety of coating materials, including corrosives, as well as for food and drug applications.

  • Self-adjusting, stationary, hydraulic packing glands — need no maintenance throughout their life and cannot be overtightened or neglected
  • Air-operated pump — can be used in hazardous locations with solventbased coatings
  • Reciprocating plunger and stationary packing design — reduces pump wear and maintenance costs
  • Wide selection of standard packing materials — for use with a variety of coating formulations
  • Precision-ground, hard chrome hydraulic plunger — ensures long service life
  • Large, stainless-steel ball checks — provide smooth fluid delivery with high-viscosity coating materials
  • Large, enclosed solvent chamber — lubricates plunger and increases upper packing life.
  • Mechanical air valve — provides reliable, fast cycling action to minimize pressure fluctuations for a more uniform spray pattern
  • Sheet metal cover — protects pump from the hazards of a normal industrial environment.