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Liquid UV Coat and Cure Systems


Nordson helps finishers worldwide improve productivity and optimize operating efficiency. We offer coating and curing equipment and systems for applying and curing ultraviolet (UV) curable coatings on two and three-dimensional substrates including metal, wood, plastic, glass, and composites.


Benefits of UV Finishing 
Liquid UV coat and cure technology saves both time and on the production line for a better bottom line. From environmental benefits of zero VOC coatings, to instant cure capability for faster throughput and lower inventories, Nordson can help you understand how you can benefit from UV painting and curing operations.

  • Zero VOC coatings meet environmental regulations
  • Fast color change, in as little as one minute
  • Low-temperature curing for heat-sensitive substrates
  • Less energy to cure products
  • Smaller footprint for production
  • No cool down time before parts can be packed for shipment
  • Quality finish that provides the durability of powder coating with the flexibility of liquid finishing

What Products Work With UV?
Virtually everything. Nordson has developed techniques for spraying and curing UV materials on a wide range of substrates including three-dimensional objects with shadow areas. For example:

  • Propane tanks
  • Wood doors
  • Kitchen cabinet frames and doors
  • Glass and plastic bottles
  • Decorative wall panels
  • Glass plate and panels
  • Mirrors
  • Roll-formed products
  • Exterior automotive components
  • Wheels and wheel trim
  • Hand tools
  • Decorative hardware
  • Wood moldings and trim
  • Wood window and door trim

How Does the Process Work?
It's easy to cut process time from hours to minutes with Nordson UV coat and cure technology. With our patented UV lamp design and application equipment optimized for UV, you can coat and cure products quickly, safely and efficiently.