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Dry Filter Continuous Coater


The Nordson® dry filter continuous coater delivers consistent, high-quality finishes on pipe and tube running at extremely high line speeds. A totally automated, self-contained system, the continuous coater is custom designed and engineered for each application to recover and reuse oversprayed paint, significantly reducing both material and maintenance costs.
  • Custom-designed cabinet accommodates wide variety of part sizes and configurations
  • Applies coating material at line speeds of 25 to 1,000 feet (7.6 to 305 meters) per minute
  • Paints pipe ½ to 26 inches and tube 3/8 to 26 inches
  • High-quality sprayed finish
  • Repeatable film thickness and coating coverage
  • Adaptable to in-line production and widely varying line speeds
  • Fast return on investment

Continuous Coater Operation

The Nordson continuous coater provides a controlled, uniform deposition of coating material over product surfaces. The product enters the coater via a conveyor system. Inside the coater cabinet, spray nozzles are positioned to apply coating material at line speeds of 25 to 1,000 feet (7.6 to 305 meters) per minute, depending on the application.

Coating material that is not applied to the product falls to the bottom of the continuous coater where it is collected in a sump. The material passes through a strainer, then a pump returns the material to the main paint supply. The continuous coater cabinet includes dry filter exhaust zones created by entrance and exit booth filters to minimize the escape of paint particles from the cabinet. Uniform spraying and capture of overspray reduce VOC emissions and ensure minimal contamination around the paint area so housekeeping costs and downtime are reduced.

Typical Coatings Used with Continuous Coaters

  • Acrylics (clear and pigmented)
  • Asphaltums
  • Oleoresinous varnishes
  • Vinyl coatings
  • Waterborne top coats
  • Alkyds (clear and pigmented)
  • Oil-based paints
  • Pipe varnishes
  • Waterborne primers
  • UV curables